Julie Zener Gallery

ERIC ZENER – Mixed Media and Works on Paper

Mixed Media Resin on Panel

Eric Zener has developed a unique process with his original photography and imagery of his original paintings.

The mixed media works are a process in which a custom built panel is painted with acrylic or leafed with silver or gold.  A transparency of the original photograph or artwork imagery is layered onto the panel over the leafing or underpainting.   Eric  Zener has embellished various pieces with inks and acrylic.

These mixed media works have been coated with resin creating a vibrant depth to the imagery.

Works on Paper

Eric Zener has created a select number of works on paper ranging from original acrylic on paper, monotypes, lithography, and digital prints.   View Available Works on Paper

  • "Drifting Along"

    41" X 78"Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink

  • "Liquid Levitation"

    41" X 37"Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink

  • "Fade In"

    41" x 54"Mixed Media Embellished with Ink

  • "Mother and Child"

    31" X 23"Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink

  • "Love"

    36" x 40", Resin on PanelMixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)

  • "Ascension"

    24" x 20"Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)

  • "Night Tide"

    33" x 41"Mixed Media (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)

  • "Night Tide"

    20" x 24"Mixed Media, Resin on Panel

  • " Into the Sun"

    41" x 41"Mixed Media

  • "Cradle"

    30" x 40"Mixed Media

  • "Sanctuary"

    30" x 24"Mixed Media

  • "Intertwined"

    24" x 30"Mixed Media

  • Man in Balance

    24" x 18"Mixed Media

  • "Across the Surface"

    18" x 24"Monoprint and Acrylic on Paper

  • "Into the Blue"

    18" x 29.75"Monoprint and Acrylic on Paper

  • "Releasing"

    22" x 30"Acrylic on Paper

  • "Leap of Faith"

    36" x 17.75"Monotype and Acrylic on Paper