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Valentin Popov was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1956 at the height of the Cold War era. Afforded a classical education of the highest order, he built a burgeoning career in the fine arts but, as a Soviet citizen, found himself chafing under state doctrine which proscribed any art which didn’t conform to the officially approved style of social realism with its propagandistic depictions of patriotic factory workers, farmers laboring in the fields, and other cliches of post-revolutionary zeal. After emigrating to the USA during the late 1980s, Popov quickly assimilated the heritage of western modernism and threw himself into a frenzy of multifaceted artistic production. A past master of pictorial, plastic, and performance media, Valentin Popov is a postmodernist par excellence, combining classical and modernist traditions in a style distinctly his own, at once poetic, technically dazzling, and wryly ironic.


Born 1956 in Kiev, Ukraine


1974-80 Kiev State Arts Institute

1969-74 Kiev State School of Art

Foreign Member of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

Public Collections:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York

New York Public Library, New York, New York

De Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, California

Zimmerli Art Museum-The State University of New Jersey

Museum of Russian-American History of Alaska, Sitka, Alaska

Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, North Carolina

Logan Collection, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, California

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, California

Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, San Francisco, California

National Museum of Ukrainian Art, Kiev, Ukraine

Iris & Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Art, Stanford, California

Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Schow Foundation, San Marino, California

Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

Harvey S. Firestone Library,Prinston University, NJ

Spencer Museum of Art,The University of Kansas, KS

University of Michigan Museum of Art, MI

Yele University Art Museum, CT

Flint Institute of Arts,  MI

Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA

Stanford University Libraries. Dept of Special Collections. Stanford, CA.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2017-“Ironic Icons” Long Beach Museum of Art. Long Beach, CA

2016- “Super Hero” ( Mel Ramos, Valentin Popov,Victor Sydorenko)

National Academy of  Fine Arts of Ukraine.   Kiev, Ukraine

2013- De Saisset Museum “FACE” University of Santa Clara, CA

2013-Imago Galleries “Water” Palm Desert. CA

2010-Modernism Gallery”In the Water” San Francisco, California

2008 Modernism Gallery, “Then & Now”, San Francisco,

2006 Modernism West, “25 Years”, San Francisco,

2006 “Modernism” Gallery”Venice at night”,  Sanfrancisco, California

2006 Modernism West”25 Years”, San Francisco, California

2005 Alycia Duckler Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2004 “Modernism” Gallery, San Francisco, California

2004 Lora D Art Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2003 Lora D Art Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2003 Elezabeth Rice Fine Art, Sarassota, Florida

2002 Huntington Beach art Center “VAL POP” Huntington beach,California

2002 Dee Pree Museum “Go Dutch”, Holland, Michigan

2001 Robert Berman Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California

2000 National Museum of Ukrainian Art, Kiev, Ukraine

2000 Pasqualle Ianetti Gallery, “Collage & Sculpture”, San  Francisco, California

1998-1999 Pasqualle Ianetti Gallery, “Rembrandt-Not Rembrandt”, SF, California

1998 Diane Nelson Fine Art, “Rembrandt-Not Rembrandt”, Laguna Beach, CA

1997 Kismet Gallery, “Crucifixion of St. Batman”, San Jose, California

1996 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Romantic Cynicism”, New York, New York

1996 Kismet Gallery, “Romantic Cynicism”, San Jose, California

1995 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Torrents of Spring”, New York, New York

1994 De Saisset Museum, “Romantic Cynicism”, Santa Clara, California

1994 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Rembrandt Collage”, New York, New York

1993 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Popov + Popov”, New York, New York

1993 Pasquale Iannetti Art Gallery, “Weird Monotypes”, SF,  California

1992 Kentler International Drawing Space, New York, New York

1991 Warner Roberts Gallery, Palo Alto, California

1991 Arts Council of San Mateo, Belmont, California

1991 Central Exhibition Space of Association of Fine Arts of Ukraine

1990 University of California, Berkeley, California

1990 Allport Gallery, San Francisco, California

1988 Kisgaleria, Pecs, Hungary


Selected Group Exhibitions;

2014 Imago Galleries, Palm Desert, CA

2012 New gallery, Houston, TX

2012  Modernism Gallery, Summer selection

20011 Imago galleries , Palm Desert ,California

2005 Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, Colorado

2004 Modernism Gallery, “25-th Anniversary Show”, San Francisco, California

2003 Modernism Gallery, San Francisco, California

2002 Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, California

1998 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Group show”, New York, New York

1998 Diane Nelson Fine Art, “Contingent Reality”, Laguna Beach,  California

1997 Kismet Gallery, “Group show”, San Jose, California

1997 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Group show”, New York, New York

1996 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Group show”, New York, New York

1995 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Group show”, New York, New York

1994 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, “Ascending Angels”, New York, New YorkY

1994 De Saisset Museum, “Ideal Landscapes”, Santa Clara, California

1994 Kala Institute, “Fellowship Award”, Berkeley, California

1994 Aurobora Press,”The Figure”, San Francisco, California

1993 California Museum of Arts & Crafts, “Icons in Contemporary  Art”, San Francisco,  California

1993 J. Claramunt Gallery, “Sacrifice”, New York, New York

1993 Olga Dollar Gallery, “Miniatures”, San Francisco, California

1993 Ruth Benjamin Fine Art, “The Spirit Within”, Napa Valley,  California

1993 Davidson Galleries, “Group Show”, Seattle, WA

1993 Smith Anderson Gallery, “The Black & White Show”, Palo  Alto, California

1992 Emeryville 6th Annual Exhibition, Emeryville, California

1992 Pasquale Ianetti Gallery, “12 Contemporary Artists”, San Francisco,  California

1992 One Market Plaza “Russian Art at Home & Abroad”, San Francisco,  California

1991 “Coming to America-World View Point”, West Cal Bank, San Mateo,  California

1991 Ayzenberg Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1990 International Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1990 Warner Roberts Gallery, Palo Alto, California

1990 Olga Dollar Gallery, “Summer Selection”, San Francisco, California

  • "One Cloud"

    35" x 47"Oil on Canvas

  • "Candle"

    35" x 42"Oil on CanvasSOLD

  • "Lipstick 1"

    70" x 52"Oil on Canvas

  • "Bow Tie"

    36" x 36"Oil on Canvas

  • "Run"

    20" x 30"Oil on Canvas

  • "Jill Ritchie"

    45" x 37"Oil on Canvas

  • "Six Candles"

    37" x 50"Oil on Canvas

  • "Way in - Way Out"

    60" x 45"Oil on Canvas

  • "White Candles"

    58" x 72"Oil on Canvas

  • "Two Candles"

    31" x 30"Oil on Canvas

  • "Light Box"

    31" x 31" x 4"Mixed Media

  • "Red Candles"

    47" x 63"Oil on Canvas

  • "Caballa"

    33" x 39"Oil on Canvas

  • "Friday Night"

    45" x 37"Oil on Canvas

  • "Sky"

    45" x 32"Oil on Canvas

  • "Down"

    46" x 31"Oil on Canvas